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backyard wedding tips

There has been quite a number of couples asking us for advice on having weddings in 2020 after our small wedding package went live on Instagram. From the sounds of it, a lot of couples are planning for two weddings - an intimate one now and a larger celebration after the pandemic. We think that is a great idea. Life goes on regardless of the circumstances we are in. Especially during this unusual time of ours, it is important that we remember to celebrate the joys in our lives and have something to look forward to. You don't have to wait.

We had the honour to shoot some small weddings recently. Some were backyard weddings and the others at churches. In this post, we would like to share our experience at one particular backyard wedding we really like.

Although the backyard wedding took place at a scorching hot day, the meticulous preparation by the lovely couple made all the guests feel relaxed and welcome.

The smartest design, and also the centre piece of the wedding, was the fabric tent in the backyard. The shade provided the perfect environment for the lunch wedding. The light filtering through the soft fabric also set up the optimal lighting condition for photos. Coupled with the beautiful floral arrangements, sweets table, nice catering services, and delighted guests, all that was unfolding under the tent made some special photo moments.


Backyard Wedding Tips

Tip 1

Brunch, afternoon tea or dinner would be good settings for your wedding party if there is

very little shade in the backyard. Although a fabric tent is ideal, they are not absolutely necessary. If there happens to be sufficient trees or structures providing shade, you already have a good setup for your ceremony. For optimal photos, whites and light colours are recommended for outdoor lighting conditions.

Tip 2

Ask your service providers to finish setting up at least 15 minutes before the ceremony. It's always a good idea to have photos taken against the backdrop of the sweets table or the floral arch.

Tip 3

Set the tone by designing a sequence of short events for the day. Games, group pictures, cake cutting. Blend elements of a normal backyard party with elements of a real wedding. Let your guests feel relaxed but set up moments of celebration to emphasize the special union between the two people in love.

Tip 4

Ask your favourite restaurant if they provide catering services. Good food and service is icing on the cake for any joyous moments.

Photographer: Eva Q Photo

Floral: peachwood.weddings

Dessert table

Sweet Talk Cake

Are you ready for your backyard wedding? Hire a photographer who has a good eye to capture your unforgettable moments and attentive to the little details at your wedding. 📩

Contact for availability.


One last useful tip. One of my small wedding shoots coming up will be at Graydon Hall Manor and McLean House. Lots of venues and restaurants are planning to open. Most of them have special offers before September. You may get the chance to hold your wedding at the place of your dreams at a bargain price. 


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